Monday, February 09, 2004

PSM Bertaraf Dunia (Worldclass ISO)

Information System Officers – The misunderstood profession: A case for reinventing the profession

Our infamous view: ICT is increasingly driving business change.
And, we can see, more and more ICT division is now reporting directly to CEO or deputy CEO.

Demands ahead
One of the biggest challenges for our ICT managers is dealing with senior management. We have difficulties in convincing the senior management and getting them to buy the idea that ICT can revolutionize the business.

Other concerns are keeping up with technology, managing resources, keeping up ICT knowledge, aligning ICT strategy with business strategy, managing users workload, coping with stress and managing vendors.

Agenda for change
We should stop being “backend boys” or “technical experts”. While technical knowledge and skills are important, we have to acquire skills in order to play the role of leaders and be influential in organizations.

We must reinvent ourselves to ensure we could remain relevant and competitive.

(a) Become future captains in knowledge management
(b) Nurture entrepreneurship culture
(c) Become a good project managers
(d) Become transformational leader

Redefining our job profiles
It is now necessary to re-classify the job profiles within us. The management function could be divided as follow:

Time scale officer is the lowest level between us. They should have knowledge and understanding in business and technical. Their jobs should be focused on conducting a study, developing, implementing and maintaining ICT applications.

The way forward
It is important that we develop a comprehensive plan for producing the next generation of information systems officers, a new breed of professionals who are multi-skills, nurture entrepreneurship culture, give adequate training in globalization to face future challenges, stand at the forefront of knowledge, become good project managers, innovator and change leader, encourage the use of managing mobility techniques, assuming CIO position, and capable of becoming future captains in knowledge management and leaders.

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p.s Oleh Abang PSM bakal JUSA.

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