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[Ini peserta PCM Feb - Kayuhan Gaza: Penyertaan PCM terakhir saya jika pihak penganjur masih gagal menepati waktu yang dijanjikan]

Bagaimana PERs bermula?.

Ini Versi Won:-

It was all started sometime last year (I do not remember the exact
date) when we had a JICA meeting in MBA's home to kick-start a Mt Fuji
program and handing over of flag for the event. We had our food and
sharing of experiences and presentation of the last Mt Fuji climbs for
the new batch of climbers. After the event, we chit-chat, enjoy our
good food, nice friendly people and saw the nice T-Bolt (with full of
mud) just outside his home entrance. We talk about the T-Bolt and it
happen that Muzaffar just came back from a ride in FRIM with the bike.
MBA took our his T-Bolt from his store to show it to us.

Coincidently, Muzaffar had another 2 T-Bolts for sale in his home.
Muhaimy and me decided to get the T-Bolt too so that we can start
cycling together. Later, MBA, Muhaimy and me went to Muzaffar's house
to collect the bike.

Inilah foto perjumpaan di dalam dan di luar rumah saya itu...

MBA, Muhaimy and me had our first ride together in Putrajaya in a
morning. (MBA took a photo of the plague there will show the exact
date) It is also my first ride after I last ride a bicycle when still
in High School (30 years ago). I had a fall right in front of
Ministry of Finance. (too shy to tell the story behind). I thought I
had broken my leg and arm but nothing serious and we continue to
cycle. We cycle round Putrajaya and through the forbidden bridge and
enjoyed our ride very much.

The rest of the story could be found in MBA blog. It is nothing
serious at the beginning but with the leadership of MBA and many
seniors, and of course the blogsite, it slowly evolved into a serious
group now. The story could be short but it is very meaningful for all
especially myself.

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