Saturday, October 23, 2004


--------GEN2 ---------------------- Ford Fiesta ------------------ Rover 25

Sebuah majalah pemotoran di UK memberikan hanya satu bintang (daripada lima bintang) kepada kereta proton Gen2. Penulisnya berpendapat Gen2 agak cantik di luaran tetapi di dalam hanyalah plastik murahan. Membeli sebuah Ford Fiesta, Rover 25 yang lama atau sebuah basikal adalah lebih baik berbanding Gen2.

Kadang-kadang Mat Salleh cakap ni boleh bercaya jugak, jika kita tidak meletakkan sebarang prasangka. Gen2 berbanding dengan Ford Fiesta dan Rover 25 tu bolehlah diterima akal, tetapi bab basikal tu entahlah labu...

--- karangan asal ---
Gen2 looks quite smart from the outside and it was developed with help from Lotus - but don't be fooled. If you can put up with the appalling engine noise then the other serious drawback is lack of power, especially at low speed. Avoid the automatic gearbox option and buy a periscope for extra rear visibility. The driving position is terrible and soft seats don't help. Inside, the fit and finish lack any refinement. Passengers are confronted by dull, lifeless plastic and flimsy fittings all round. If you must have a brand new car then the Gen2 is relatively cheap - until you come to resell it. Equipment levels on some cars are good, with air conditioning and a Blaupunkt CD-player. Overall though, a smaller Ford Fiesta, an ageing Rover 25 or a bicycle are better buys.

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