Friday, April 16, 2010


[Entri ini disalin semula daripada CAT CAT ]

A package arrived today in the mail.

It's not a usual package that I would received in the mail. Not from and definitely not from Ebay.

It was a very suspicious package that kept me guessing who the sender was.

Who in the world would sent me this mysterious package?

If I had ordered something online, I would usually use my legal name (Chinese name - not going to tell you now!) but the package has Catherine Looi written as the receipient.

To my surprise - upon opening the package which by the way, took me 5 minutes to do so, I found, not one but TWO books.

The books that I have been anxiously waiting for in a long time.

Thank you so very much to the sender, also the proud author of both books - Tuan MBA-san.

Terima kasih bebanyak atas kesudian Tuan mengepos kedua-dua buah buku kepada Cath. Jasa baik Tuan akan dikenang dan dibalas pada masa yang akan datang.

1st Book

Kerjaya Dalam Bidang ICT.

With a sweat note from the author. Aaaaw!

Cath akan membeleknya MALAM INI juga.

2nd book.

Buat Duit dengan Foto (Make Money with Photo)

sekeping foto
boleh menceritakan
lebih daripada 1000 kata-kata
sejuta kata-kata
menghimpun buku
sebuah buku buat sahabat

I love the Haiku. Thank you so much.

Two cute model to promote Tuan MBA-san's books.

Both books are in Bahasa Malaysia. Yes, I was scratching my head too.

Both books are available at your local bookstore in Malaysia. If you wanted an authograph from the author, do let me know and I will try to make arrange for you to meet with the author. Of course, with permission from Tuan in the first place.

On another note, do click on Tuan MBA-san's blog. I have been a faithful reader of his blog for quick a number of years and found his writing and the contents of his entries very interesting.


Cat Cat said...

Tuan MBA-san,
Tuan salah eja nama Cath wei... It's Catherine, not Cathrine. Hehe.

MBA said...


I'm sorry !!!!
Ia telah dibetulkan.